Prabodh Jain is a Founder & CEO with ​Rasvihar, fine jewellery and Babyrasa, jewellery for children.

He is also a Founder and ​CEO​ with Sarangi, the store. It operates a retail showroom in Chennai and an ecommerce store at Sarangi is a unit of Annapakshi Craft Sources Private Limited. In this role, Prabodh leads a team providing all aspects of strategy, marketing, administration and finance.

Prabodh graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and holds the B.Tech. degree from Anna University (A.C. College of Technology, Chennai).

Prabodh is no stranger to jewellery marketing, having spent 14 years as an advertising, branding and marketing consultant with ANS Jewelry of Salem which taught him the importance of planned, focused and consistent marketing communications. Additionally, he gained a first hand knowledge of retail marketing during his 7 years of consulting engagement with Naidu Hall of Chennai.

Prabodh has more than 30 years of business experience including ​15 years ​in branding and marcom services.

Prabodh’s varied background in planning and execution of marketing campaigns for jewellery and retail clients provided the perfect foundation for promoting these ecommerce and retail ventures.

An avid reader, Prabodh reads subjects as varied as typography, self development, philosophy, graphic design, and art.

The book “Cooking At Home With Pedatha”, design-directed by Prabodh Jain won the Best Cookbook Design, Best Cookbook Cover and Best Cookbook Photography at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2006 held at Beijing, China.

To contact Prabodh Jain, email him at ​prabodhjainconsulting AT ​gmail {dot] com or via mobile +91.9​5000.53507.

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